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I am passionate educator specializing in game design, 3d art, and computer science! My goal is to bring engaging, equitable, and relevant computer science and real time 3d education to as many students as possible in order to boost 21st century skills and prepare the workforce of tomorrow.


My name is Chris Allen


My Story

I'm a real-time 3d game design and development teacher and a computer science teacher. Experienced in teaching multiple fields of CTE and STEM education to students from elementary to adults. Excel at developing engaging, hands-on projects that teach real world skills and techniques. Focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM education. Possesses leadership, critical thinking, time management, curriculum design, creativity, and teamwork skills.


Roles & Responsibilities

CTE Teacher
River Springs Charter School

2015 - Present

Currently teaching high school Career Technical Education (CTE) Media Arts & Entertainment and Information Technology courses including Computer Programming 1 and 2, Game Design 1 and 2, and Web Design 1 and 2. Develop new curriculum as new computer science courses are added. Update curriculum yearly to fit with advancing technology and students needs. Provide direct instruction, group instruction, in a hybrid online learning environment.

Game Development Teacher
Game Gen

2021 - Present

Teach game design, development and art to adult students that are on the spectrum. Students specialize in art, programming and/or design. Entire program is online and virtual. Conduct 1 on 1 instruction, group game jams and art jams. Help students develop real world computer science and game design skills to ideally get a job in the industry.


Learning and Living

Masters of Science Education
STEM Education Curriculum and Instruction

Southern Oregon University

2021 - 2022

Bachelor of Science
Game Art & Design

The Art Institute of California

Los Angeles

2014 - 2016

Video Game Designers



Help Students Grow

Game Art & Design

Raising the Bar

Computer Science

Above and Beyond

"Play is the highest form of research."

-Albert Einstein

Chris Allen

Game Design and Computer Science Educator

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